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    Vol. 7 No. 2 July-December 2018

The Novel as Tragic Form

Ribó, Ignasi

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Risk and Potentiality in Business Performance Affecting Customer Relationship Marketing of Waste Recycle Market in Eastern Industrial Park (in Thai)

Thananan Mazeedi, Prin Laksitamas, Sarayut Lekplipol and Chaiyapol Horrungruang

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Buddhist Monks in the Upper-northern Thailand as Social Change Agents in the Post-Kruba Srivichai Period-2017 (in Thai)

Chalongrat Charoensri

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The Relationship between Happiness, Health Literacy and Quality of Life of Elderly: A Case Study in Wiang Elderly School, Fang District, Chiang Mai Province (in Thai)

Autumporn Srikuankaew, Athiwat Jiawiwatkul and Sawitri Thayansin

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Factor Affecting Debt Service Ratio of Education Officer in Primary School and Secondary School, Chiang Mai Province by Using Censored Quantile Regression (in Thai)

Kunsuda Nimanussornkul and Chaiwat Nimanussornkul

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The Utilization of Storytelling for Enhancing Selling Skills Training (in Thai)

Luksupa Prungpol and Monthon Sorakraikitikul

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Analytical study of Virtual Service Provider Office Management (VSPOM) Factors for Service Plan in the Regional Health Service in Thailand

Phongpisanu Boonda

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Tax and Economic Growth in Thailand (in Thai)

Chittawan Chanagul

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Policy Analysis on the Xi Jinping’s New Era and China’s Strategy (in Thai)

Guo Jian and Weimin Wang

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An Integrative Model of Factors Influencing Debt Burden: A Mediating Role of Money Management in Thai Society

Issara Suwanragsa, Pallapa Srivalosakul and Noppon Tangjitprom

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Bribery Offence: In Field of Studying Law Enforcement of Organic Act on Counter Corruption B.E.2542 Section 103 and Section 123|2 (in Thai)

Pakorn Saichue

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The Association between Sustainable Development Report Disclosures and Tax Planning of Listed Companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (in Thai)

Sathaya Thanjunpong, Donlaya Chaiwong and Patyot Dechsiri

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Klong Kon Yao: The Transnational Music from Shan State to Northern Thailand (in Thai)

Phiphatphong Masiri

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