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    Vol. 6 No. 2 July-December 2017  (Archive issue)

Determinants of Green Consumption of Generation Y in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Nisachon Leerattanakorn
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2017.12

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Explosive Border: Lives, Fear and Violence at the Thai-Burmese Border along the Salween River (in Thai)

Paiboon Hengsuwan
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2017.13

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The Study of Chinese Cut Flower Supply Chain from Southern China (Yunnan) along R3A Route (in Thai)

Nithima Chaiburin and Suthep Nimsai
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2017.14

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Economic and Social Impacts from the Free Trade Agreement between Thailand and its Main Exporting Partners in Potential Commodities (in Thai)

Wannaphong Durongkaveroj
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2017.15

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The Impact of Country Personality Dimensions on Country Attractiveness and Word-of-Mouth: A Cambodian Tourism Case

SirintipTraikasem and Kawpong Polyorat
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2017.16

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Tutorial Study: The Consumption of Signs among Thai Students (in Thai)

Nipaporn Thammason and Sorabud Rungrojsuwan
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2017.17

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Effect of an Operational Competency Development Model of Public Health Personnel in the Virtual Service Provider Office (VSPO) in Thailand

Phongpisanu Boonda, Aree Preedeekul and Phataraphon Markmee
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2017.18

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The Causal Model of Innovativeness of Halal Food Business in Southern Border Provinces of Thailand (in Thai)

Parichat Thudam and Muhammad Salaebing
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2017.19

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An Extinguishment of Obligation by Mean of Performance Another than Agreed upon Loan Agreement: Comparative Study of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and the Kingdom of Thailand (in Thai)

Sonechanh Vilaysack and Pairojana Kampusiri
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2017.20

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International Tourist Perception on Coffee Shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand (in Thai)

Raktida Siri
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2017.21

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Community Potentials and Citizen Participation in Ecotourism Management towards Learning Resources on Community Enterprise of Ban Mea Kam Pong, Chiang Mai (in Thai)

Charin Mangkhang
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2017.22

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The Development of Thai Negotiable Instrument Law for Investment (in Thai)

Pokpong Klubwiset
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2017.23

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Legal Measure for Protection of Deposits and Shares of Financial Co-operative’s Members in Thailand (in Thai)

Nurat Puankhamma, Ridthipat Kallayanapattharasit and Rung Srisomwong
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2017.24

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