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    Vol. 7 No. 1 January-June 2018  (Archive issue)

Development of Menopause Treatments Using Applied Thai Traditional Medicine Prapokklao Hospital, Chanthaburi, Thailand (in Thai)

Suratsawadee Sinwat, Kosit Phaengsoiand Sastra Laoakka
DOI: 10.14456/connexion.2018.6

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Legal Measures for Supporting and Developing the Inter-states Transportation between Thailand and Myanmar on Chiang Rai-Tachilek Route Located in Mae Sai Special Economic Zone, Chiang Rai (in Thai)

Chukeat Noichim and Nuanchan Changchit
DOI: 10.14456/connexion.2018.9

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Interpretation of Double Taxation Agreement (in Thai)

Sann Tantichattanon
DOI: 10.14456/connexion.2018.5

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Japan’s Official Development Assistance Diplomacy towards Myanmar in Post 2012

Khen Suan Khai
DOI: 10.14456/connexion.2018.1

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Returns to Education Using a Quantile Regression: General Education and Vocational Education (in Thai)

Thitima Plubplueng
DOI: 10.14456/connexion.2018.8

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Textile Wisdom Development Guideline for Tourism Promotion of Thong Fha Ham Community, Chiang Sean, Chiang Rai Province (in Thai)

Atchara Sarobol
DOI: 10.14456/connexion.2018.11

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A Comparative Study of Concept and Experience of the Doctrine of Impossibility of Performance in German and Thai Law (in Thai)

Soonton Maneesawat
DOI: 10.14456/connexion.2018.4

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Legal Problems of Implementing the ASEAN Multilateral Agreement on the Liberalization of Passenger Air Services in the Thai Domestic Aviation Business (in Thai)

Kamonnai Chonpratinand Chalor Wongwattanapikul
DOI: 10.14456/connexion.2018.10

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The Roles of Drug Promotion in Member States of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (in Thai)

Somporn Rujikittioangsuthon and Kritpaka Boonfueng
DOI: 10.14456/connexion.2018.7

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Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments among ASEAN Countries

Rungnapa Adisornmongkon
DOI: 10.14456/connexion.2018.3

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Natural Law, Criminalization and Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in Thailand and China: A Comparative Law Perspective

Alexandre Chitov
DOI: 10.14456/connexion.2018.2

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