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    Vol. 8 No. 1 January-June 2019  (Archive issue)

Partial Least Square Path Modeling Development of Adaptation Marketing Strategy for Value Perception of Thai Cuisine Originality (in Thai)

Wilawan Onwangprem, Siwarat Kobayashi and Prin Laksitamas
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.1

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The Income of Thai-Chinese Clan Association and Thai Capitalist Economy

Ying Zhang
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.2

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Chiang Rai as a Border Province under the Nation State’s Design of Border Space

Pollavat Prapattong
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.3

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The Problem of Understanding the Purpose of Sale of Real Estate with the Right of Redemption under the Provisions of the Civil and Commercial Code (in Thai)

Rung Srisomwong
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.4

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Contesting of Women’s Knowledge Space in Ethnic Tourist Space and Border Town: A Case Study of Female Entrepreneurs in Pang Ma Pha District, Mae Hong Son Province (in Thai)

Paiboon Hengsuwan
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.5

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Rhetorical Move Structures and Linguistic Realizations of Abstracts in ICT Research Articles and Master’s Theses

Wirada Amnuai
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.6

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Legal Measures to Resolve the Loan Shark Problems: A Comparative Study between Thailand, Republic of the Union of Myanmar and Lao People’s Democratic Republic (in Thai)

Krisda Eiamlamai
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.7

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Self-regulation Failure and Its Relations with Compensatory Beliefs (in Thai)

Sittichai Thongworn
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.9

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International Migration Policy of Skilled Foreign Workers: A Case Study of Immigration and Employment in Malaysia (in Thai)

Suttiporn Bunmak
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.8

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China’s Use of Economic Statecraft as Foreign Policy Tool: A Case Study of Senkaku

Chindanai Theeraphanphichet
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.10

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Legal Measures to Solve Problems of Naturalization as a Thai: The Case of Stateless Persons (in Thai)

Chuti Ngamurulert and Rung Srisomwong
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.11

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