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    Vol. 8 No. 2 July-December 2019  (Current issue)

The Prospect of Developing a Legal Framework for the Budgeting Reform (in Thai)

Sann Tantichattanon, Orapin Sabyroop, Visahnu Warunyou and Kayjarana Keadlaapol
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.12

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Local Economic Linkage between Private Enterprises and Local Communities: A Comparative Case Study of Thailand Tourism Business Developments

Chachaya Yodsuwan, Apisom Intralawan, Panate Manomaivibool, Pannipha Dokmaingam, Pollavat Prapattong, Nuttakorn Vititanon, Chadchawan Muongpruan, Pornpol Noithammaraj and Jirapa Pradera Diez
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.13

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Innovation and Digital Marketing to Firm Performance of Small and Medium Business in Thailand (in Thai)

Kristiya Moonsri
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.14

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Challenges in Using Big Data for Analyzing Consumer Behavior

Muenjit Jitsoonthronchaikul, Chirawut Lomprakhon, Walee Herabut, Surachada Chuerdbunmueng and Thong Benjasri
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.15

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Engagement with Interactive Museum Collections: The Rise and Development of Interactive Museum Exhibitions in Thailand (2000 - 2019)

Shaw Hong SER
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.16

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New Actors and Space Contestation for Ideology Representation in a Thai-Laos Border School: A Case Study of Chiang Rai Province

Wasan Sapphasuk and Nongyao Nawarat
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.17

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Problems and Prospects Relating to Legal Mechanisms to Settle Dispute of ASEAN Community (in Thai)

Rungnapa Adisornmongkon
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.18

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A Study of Speech Acts on the Best Protest Songs of All Time (in Thai)

Pimpaka Chaiyachok and Savitri Gadavanij
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.19

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Legal Measures for Chinese Tourists with Personal Vehicles for Cross Border Tourism via The Fourth Friendship Bridge between Thai-Laos (Chiang Khong – Houayxay) (in Thai)

Ridthipat Kallayanapattharasit, Nurat Puankhamma and Nuanchan Changchit
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.20

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The Impact of Accounting Ethics on Ethical Behaviors and Decision Making of Accounting Firm Executives in Thailand

Suthira Thipwiwatpotjana and Nunta Bootnoi
doi: 10.14456/connexion.2019.21

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